Job Description


Responsibilities Include:

Provide non-medical in-home and/or community care to Turning Point Home Health service recipients

Be prompt to scheduled visits and notify the supervisor immediately when unable to do so

Be familiar with all rules, policies, and procedures in providing the services

Submit all required documentation in a timely manner

Follow the service plan of the individual service recipient

Keep all records and names of service recipients confidential unless authorized by service recipient’s written consent

To immediately report any incident of injury to service recipient or yourself to the supervisor

To report any suspicion of abuse or neglect to appropriate authorities and the supervisor

Job Duties:

Job duties may include: meal preparation, washing dishes, hygiene, grooming, dressing assistance, laundry, assistance with eating, companionship, shopping, recreational activities, housekeeping, such as dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning windows, making the bed, changing linens, emptying trash/garbage, cleaning bathrooms